Perching pillbox hats are a very popular choice for ladies who want the presence of a hat in photographs, but don't necessarily want to wear a hat with a larger brim.  They are great 'blank canvases' for a whole variety of trimming ideas offering a huge variety of different scales and levels of decoration.  They also are a great 'kissing brim' for those unused to wearing hats and because of their compact size, they also have the added bonus of being able to travel extremely well to destination weddings.

This video is a good example of a customer commission, selecting various favourite elements from the different samples in the studio.  The piece is called Floret Flutterby and is a combination of the base and double bow from 'Floret', with the posy of silk and velvet roses from the 'Forever After' pillbox hats (as shown in the samples below), and then accented with a kaleidoscope of silk and crystal butterflies on sprung wires from the 'Paradise Shimmer' headpiece.

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Each hat has been photographed on the same mannequin head in order to give you a sense of scale.

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