Such an extravagant design in such a classic colour combination.


The larger 8” pillbox base is made in sturdy triple-ply red sinamay and lined in silk so that your hair colour is not visible through. It fits the head comfortably and feels secure thanks to the comb and millinery elastic. The detailing on this hat is tremendous, layering subtly glistening Black rambling rose decals below Black crin veiling, a Red sculpted knot bow rising above, a layered bow of gently teased crin behind and a tremendous fan of softly bobbing feathers above and across the head - all topped off with a pair of stripped quills that curl up above everything else!


This unique design would be ideal to get you noticed at a Ladies Day race event or as a significant guest at a smart wedding - this stunning hat will certainly make any occasion memorable!

Wedding Fascinator Hat in Extravagant Red and Black with Feathers and Veiling


Please Note - every hat shown for sale in my Ready to Wear Hat Shop is unique and is the actual hat that you are looking to buy.  I have photographed them on the same mannequin head (size 21" or 53cm - SMALL), to give you a reference of scale when comparing one hat from another.  All sizes given are approximate.