This Picture hat has a classic silhoette and great versatility in decoration options.  The sample features a star shape lily flower with pointed petals.  This same shape is echoed in the diamond pattern of the veiling which is draped around the crown and even to the pointed tips of the ostritch feathers bobbing over the edge of the brim.  The crown itself is unusually shaped with the gutter around the top having a slight angular series of steps running around it, which is also picked up on the underside of the brim.  This is perfect if you prefer a square neckline for your dress, or square/rectangular jewellery.  This hat block is also a great background for alternative flowers/feather combinations, which can be seen in the customer commission photographs towards the end of the this gallery.


Angela Star

  • This hat is available to be made for you from the 65+ different shades in the colour chart, so that you are able to combine the colours in your outfit together perfectly.  Please click the link at the bottom of the page to view the Shade Colour Chart.

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Every hat has been photographed on the same mannequin head so that you have a better understand the scale of each design.

Each sample is also shown in a black and white photograph to help you imagine what this piece could look like in your own colour palette.

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