Such a zingy colour combination!


The 6" buntal base in Orange for this eye-catching hat has been fitted with a metal comb and millinery elastic to make it comfortable and easy to wear. The beautifully soft silk English rose in Tangerine perches on the edge of the brim and is looking gorgeous in full bloom - really taking centre stage in this unusual design. It is supported by a delightful silk abaca double bow behind, which frames the flower perfectly and gives interest to your audience behind. A fan of wispy fine feathers splay upwards and out over the bow, and reaching out from behind the rose is a spiraling stripped quill adding playfulness and intrigue to the piece. Decorating the hat is a small cluster of pretty little butterfly silhouettes that have been created from micro-sequin ribbon in Bronze.


A real statement hat, perfect for adding colour to any smart outfit!  This unique design would be ideal to get you noticed at a Ladies Day race event or as a significant guest at a smart wedding - this stunning hat will certainly make any occasion memorable!

Burnt Orange and Tangerine Pillbox Cocktail Hat


Please Note - every hat shown for sale in my Ready to Wear Hat Shop is unique and is the actual hat that you are looking to buy.  I have photographed them on the same mannequin head (size 21" or 53cm - SMALL), to give you a reference of scale when comparing one hat from another.  All sizes given are approximate.