A very popular, eye-catching memorable design, that delicately accents the dress you are wearing by picking out two or three of the colours and highlighting them in the hat.  Based on a very comfortable button shape, the handmade silk rose features combinations of fabrics and unusual sugar-crystal stamens in contrasting colours.  This flower can be of a different choice if roses aren't your favourite - see the lily or peony flowers that were featured in customer's commission instead of a rose. (Or the whole piece can be enlarged to a Double Diamond Rose design, on the same size, or a larger base and with an added rosebud, taller feathers and/or veiling if desired).  Running around the back of the hat is an arrangement of clipped feathers giving interest from behind and trimmed bobbing feathers offer added height for the wearer. The button base is very comfortable and fitted with an elastic and comb to help keep it in place throughout the day.

Diamond Rose

  • This hat is available to be made for you from the 65+ different shades in the sinamay colour chart, so that you are able to accent the colours in your outfit perfectly.

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Every hat has been photographed on the same mannequin head so that you have a better understand the scale of each design.

Each sample is also shown in a black and white photograph to help you imagine what this piece could look like in your own colour palette.

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