Such a delicate shade.


This classic style fascinator (or hatinator as they have become to be known as) is gently sculpted from a subtle shade of Oyster Grey sinamay. It is shaped like a soft 'bowl' shape that sits neatly over the forehead and gradually sweeps up and backwards to form two spiralling twists. Erupting from the centres of the twists is a fine layer of similar coloured veiling which has been accented with a scattering of little Swarovski crystals in the same muted tone. The piece features a delightful soft silk rose in Oyster Grey and a profusion of more veiling erupts from behind the flower to add volume and height to the wearer without adding any extra weight.


This subtle headpiece would be ideal for a Mother of the Bride or Mother of the Groom wearing a similarly coloured outfit to the wedding because it has a presence in the photographs but keeps itself neatly tucked up and out of the way when greeting guests.

Oyster Grey Silk Rose and Veiling Headband Fascinator


Please Note - every hat shown for sale in my Ready to Wear Hat Shop is unique and is the actual hat that you are looking to buy.  I have photographed them on the same mannequin head (size 21" or 53cm - SMALL), to give you a reference of scale when comparing one hat from another.  All sizes given are approximate.