Please read my 'Covid-19 Secure' appointments working practice. 

In order to offer as much protection as is practical during the Covid-19 restrictions easement, these are some simple practical steps to enable me to reopen the studio:


  • Please allow much longer than the standard 10 week lead time if you can.


  • We can have an in-depth conversation over the telephone or video call about your requirements before your appointment.


  • We will postpone our appointment if either of us starts to show signs of symptoms.

  • Appointments are available 7 days a week.


  • When collecting your order, please only touch the item(s) you have ordered.


  • Because of potentially limited supplies of raw material, it would be sensible to have a ‘colour B option’ in mind.


  • I will be wearing face covering and I ask you to do the same as you arrive.


  • We will try to obey the 2M regulation as much as possible.


  • Please be mindful of the restrictions if you plan to visit with a companion.


Please telephone 07968 337446 to book your 1-2-1 appointment as early as possible. My lead time in ‘normal’ circumstances is 10 weeks BUT I don’t know how restricted my access will be to raw materials from my suppliers - so the longer you can give me, the better. 


When you telephone to make your appointment we can have an in-depth conversation about the occasion your attending, your dress/shoes and what sort of headwear you’d like - this is so that we can discuss possible options for you in advance of your appointment thereby spend less time together (as per government guidelines) and therefore reducing our risk.


If you believe that you are showing significant signs of symptoms, or if I believe that I am beginning to show significant signs (as per government guidelines) please contact me as soon as possible to postpone your appointment and I will do the same for you if I feel it necessary. I hope you understand that this would be in both of our interests. 

Please book well in advance if the days you are available to visit are limited (ie you can only come on weekends).   However please note that I am able to make appointments for Saturdays and Sundays. 


When collecting your hat, please may I ask that you only touch your own hat (plus any accessories you may have ordered) and not to touch any of the sample hats in the studio. This is because the sample hats will be ‘in quarantine’ when you arrive and can’t be touched by anyone for 72 hours. 


Because of potential limited access to raw materials, I am asking ladies to give me an ‘option B’ when placing their order - particularly when it comes to colour choices. Not everything will be available as the easement progresses and although I will work hard to try to achieve your first choice, I feel it’s sensible to arrange second options at the point of placing your order with me. I’ll then confirm by text early into the making process which option I am able to make for you.


When you come to your appointment please remember the general guidelines that the government has instructed all of us on when we leave our own homes.  My studio is small and although 2 meters distance is possible between us, it’s not very easy!  I will endeavour to have the door open for ventilation and probably stand outside as much as I can during your visit to give you as much room as possible. 


My customer service in normal working practice would be to place the hats on your head in the right position first, for you then to be able to look at yourself in the mirror.  In other words - I would ordinarily be closer to you than the 2 meter regulation allows.  To enable this to continue to happen as safely as I am able, I will be wearing face protection and will have sanitised my hands before your visit.


Please may I ask you to come prepared by wearing a face mask/covering. Hand sanitiser will be available for us both to use.  Government guidelines ask that you refrain from touching anything that isn’t necessary.  I hope that you understand this extraordinary set of circumstances and I hope that we will be able to help each other during the appointment. 


Although a second pair of eyes from a friend or relative helps some customers to arrive at a decision when placing their order, please be mindful of the restricted space in my studio. If at all possible, please arrange to come alone or perhaps to ask the second person to wait in the garden/car. You will still be able to show your companion the hat you are ordering, by popping out to see them.